Using natural oils as part of your daily skin care routine has thankfully shed the old-fashioned hippy connotations it once had and has been embraced by the masses, with women young and old turning to Mother Nature to transform their complexion. Argan Oil is one of the most popular botanical oils available and for good reason, so here are five things you need to know about the Moroccan miracle ingredient.

1. It’s not called ‘liquid gold’ for nothing

Argan Oil is extracted from the Argan Nut which comes from, you guessed it, the Argan Tree which is native to Morocco. Due to its vast history in the country, most suppliers try and stick to as many traditional production methods as possible. Each nut is hand-cracked so that the kernel inside can be removed and ground down before being cold pressed into what we recognise as the usable oil. Due to this process, Argan Oil is very valuable and can fetch a high price so expect skincare and beauty brands to use it in order to give their formula an extra edge over the competition.

2. It is packed with skin loving ingredients

Like many botanical oils, Argan Oil is jam-packed with complexion boosting benefits. It is high in antioxidants such as Vitamin E (which keep free radical damage to a minimum) and contains essential fatty acids (which restore a youthful elasticity to even the driest of complexions) so your skin is literally drenched in goodness with every drop.

3. Your hair will love it just as much as your skin

If you like to get the most out of your products then pure Argan Oil is not just a great skin treat but an amazing hair conditioner too. Smoothed over the lengths and ends after heat styling, it tames frizz, adds shine and deeply hydrates each and every strand, so that your tresses become more manageable over time.

4. It’s the secret to plump and juicy skin

You know that plump, juicy, almost other worldly glow that supermodels seem to possess even on their days off? Well pressing Argan Oil into your skin can give you that same effect. Its natural texture perfecting properties mean the skin becomes more voluminous and juicy as it is absorbed plus the oil’s natural slickness leaves behind a slight sheen that looks radiant instead of greasy. Use it after moisturizer to give your foundation some slip or push a small amount over the cheekbones instead of using a highlighter.

5. It knows what your skin needs

Argan Oil is one of those very special ingredients that can adapt to the different needs of the different areas of your face. Applied to the skin, it hydrates dry patches and erases roughness while balancing oily areas to minimize unnecessary sebum production throughout the day. It can also adapt itself depending on the time of day you apply it. In the morning, it forms a protective barrier over the surface of the skin to keep nasty irritants out and vital moisture in, while applying it before bedtime ensures maximum rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory benefits, restoring a healthy radiance to the skin by morning.


// Via: Effortless Skin