Backpacks, notebooks, pencils and lunch bags - it’s back-to-school time, but who is ready?

You’ve probably noticed the past few weeks, parents in stores, rushing around looking for the new “must-have” items to get their children through the school year. However, who thought to prepare the children’s mind and body for the school year?

Your little one is moving from a clean and safe environment at home to a lot of change, whether that be a new school, new teacher, new friends, etc.

Try some of these essential oils to help your little one settle into their new environment successfully:

  • Peppermint – Great for helping them feel refreshed on those early mornings
  • Rosemary – Improve memory and keep them alert during those long days
  • Lemon – Best solution for all those germs while keeping them smiling
  • Lavender – Helps to calm nerves and relieve stress, while also providing a restful sleep