Pregnancy fulfills the essence of every woman in the world. If you’re pregnant, you tend to balance everything you take and apply on your body. Your nine-month journey with your unborn baby is going to be rigid, but perfectly worth it.

You are vowed to protect not only your life but the baby’s as well. During pregnancy, hormonal changes will affect almost every organ of your system, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which occasionally makes you feel like you have dry skin. When the skin is dry, and your belly, breasts, legs and hips try to expand, it results in stretch marks.

One of the feared occurrences during and after the pregnancy stage, of almost all Moms around the world, is “how do I prevent it?”

Most studies mention creams, oils, and home remedies to reduce stretch marks appearance. Though some of the marks fade away after pregnancy, most don't fade away that easy.


Finding a safe and effective stretch mark appearance remover makes loud issues for pregnant Moms and if you have heard about Argan Oil then you must have this on your list.

Dry skin needs hydrolysates, vitamin E, menthol and elastin to reduce stretch marks according to conducted researches.

As you know Argan Oil has this essential vitamin E and fatty acids effective for reducing stretch marks appearances.


Vitamin E - First and foremost, this is one of the main reasons to use Argan Oil. It fights free radicals and promotes a faster healing rate in your skin.

Oleic & Linoleic Acids - These are anti-inflammatory acids that will be important during pregnancy because it improves the healing of wounds and scratches.

Polyphenols - It has free radical fighting properties and an anti-inflammatory ability that will come in handy during pregnancy. It will further protect your skin from UV rays and sun damage.

Fatty Acids - It contains important fatty acids that will help make your skin more elastic, thereby preventing stretch marks.

Squalene - It is an anti-aging antioxidant that will help reduce wrinkles. It also has an antibacterial ability that will be put to effective use if you have skin conditions, like dry skin and acne.

Ferulic Acid - It is a rare antioxidant that will also make you look younger. These antioxidants will also promote healing and reparation of damaged tissues.

With all those being said, Argan Oil is definitely a useful natural product that has benefits extend beyond preventing and treating stretch marks.


The answer is a concrete YES! It is totally safe, effective and easy to use. At this point, the skin deliberately needs an oil which is organic and chemical-free, and Argan Oil is absolutely a solution to cater to those needs.

It’s an oil that has it all.

Take a few drops and with a gentle touch, rub it on the area prone to stretch marks, regularly.


// Via: Argan Oil Secrets