Did you know that essential oils can help you to stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

When most people think of essential oils they think of relaxing, calming, having a good nights sleep, etc. But did you know that essential oils can be very uplifting and encouraging? Did you know that scents in general can be as motivating and as mood setting as music?

Scents trigger an emotional response within the body. They can promote happiness and relaxation. They can also invigorate and inspire. They can also help create a feeling of well-being and security!

If essential oils can help promote feelings of inspiration and empowerment, then those scents can help you to keep that determined feeling that you had on New Year’s Eve making those resolutions!

While many essential oils can help to promote feelings of inspiration and encouragement, these 3 are at the top of the list:


This is the oil you'll want to use to erase your fear of failing your New Year’s resolutions. Frankincense is also said to encourage creativity, concentration and inspiration. It’s the ultimate essential oil to help you to conquer your New Year’s resolutions!


This is an essential oil that we are all familiar with but did you know that Lemon helps to rejuvenate the mind and to promote clear thinking? It is a great scent to increase alertness. Use lemon to help stick with your New Year’s resolutions!


Peppermint is a very invigorating oil and most use it to help think more clearly and to focus on what needs to be accomplished. Peppermint is also said to help you to have an open mind to receive new ideas. What a great oil to start the New Year with!


So, as we are fast approaching New Year’s Eve, pull out these oils to use while making your New Year’s resolutions, then continue to use them throughout the year to help you to stick with them!


// Via: The Organic Goat Lady