It’s the fall season and you know what that means… Pumpkin spice everything!

Yep, this is the time of year you’ll see everything from pumpkin spice lattes at the coffee shop to fall-inspired air fresheners as well as scented candles in stores. The problem is that those air fresheners and candles are loaded with chemicals which have been linked with health problems, such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Generally speaking, the term “fragrance” on those air fresheners and scented candles are far from “natural”. When you see the term ‘fragrance’, remember that it can include up to 300 toxic chemicals but still just say ‘fragrance’. There have been a number of studies that have shown that both synthetic air fresheners and scented candles can pose health risks.

So what can you do? Use a diffuser, which looks like a humidifier, but is specially designed to mist essential oils and water into the air. That’s it – just use water and essential oils to recreate your favorite pumpkin spice and fall scents, and by doing so, avoid all those chemical ingredients.

You see essential oils and aromatherapy (which basically means to use essential oils aromatically or through our nose) can help to address mood, emotions and memories because as soon as you smell a scent it hits the limbic system of the brain. That’s why you feel like you’re back in grandma’s kitchen when you smell freshly-baked cookies. The scent of cookies makes you feel good because you remember making them with grandma.

Diffusing these fall-inspired scents can be a great way to help transition you and your family into the fall season, which then can will help to address mood and emotions.

In general, add approximately 10 drops of essential oils to a diffuser, and enjoy these great recipes to start this fall season:


5 drops Orange

3 drops Cinnamon

2 drop Clove

1 drop Nutmeg


4 drops Cinnamon

3 drops Clove

2 drops Cardamom

1 drop Nutmeg


5 drops Orange

3 drops Cinnamon

2 drops Ginger


3 drops Cinnamon

2 drops Clove

2 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Lemon

1 drop Rosemary


4 drops Lemon

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Rosemary


5 drops Orange

3 drops Cinnamon

2 drops Spruce


\\ Via Don’t Mess With Mama