Did you know that the first prescription ever recorded was for frankincense oil? The second was for peppermint oil. There is so much natural medicine at our disposal, we just have to know where to look.

Some of the mostly widely used medications today were originally sourced from plants. For example some of the first aspirin medication used was an extract of White Willow Bark. Even the modern chemo medication Paclitaxel, used to treat many forms of cancer, is sourced from the bark of the Pacific yew. By using essential oils, we are simply remembering the things many people and cultures have used for thousands of years. Returning to ancient solutions where healers and caretakers used the pure essential part of plants, trees and vegetation to help with stomach ailments to sleep apnea and everything in between… solutions that don’t have a long list of side effects or warning labels.

Essential oils don’t just mask symptoms. They bring therapeutic change to the body at a cellular level, dealing with the root issue and supporting your system, as a whole.


\\ Via: Fresh Mommy Blog